4 iulie 2017

Webinarii EKAHAU

Nu ratati Webinarul Ekahau din data de 17.01.2017 ora 19:00 : “Retail Wi-Fi — Essentials for Network Engineers ” Detalii si incriere aici
16 septembrie 2016

NOU! Solutie completa de sudare a cablurilor optice

Teleprecision-MTS, prin furnizorii sai Emtelle si Fremco, va ofera solutia personalizata completa pentru suflarea cablurilor optice in conducte cu garantia unei investitii optime.
16 septembrie 2016

NOU! Fujikura 62S

Pur si simplu, cea mai rapida suudura!  Design clasic – mod de oprerare manual; aliniere activa dupa miez pe 3 axe; timp de sudare 6 sec.; timp de incalzire manson 15 sec.; geanta de transport multifunctionala cu masa de lucru integrata; fiabilitate si robustete.
12 ianuarie 2018

Retail Wi-Fi — Essentials for Network Engineers

Wednesday, January 17, 2018 12:00PM – 1:00PM EST Few leading stores provide awesome Wi-Fi with great applications combining online and on-site shopping. Yet some stores provide no Wi-Fi, and most provide the spotty, slow kind. In this webinar, Stewart Goumans, a recognized expert in the field of Wi-Fi design and tuning, joins Jussi Kiviniemi on our monthly webinar to share his experiences, best practices and war stories with retail Wi-Fi.  What applies to retail Wi-Fi, also applies to various other environments. So tune in, regardless of the Wi-Fi environment you deal with! AGENDA: Retail environment overview The basics: guest Wi-Fi […]
4 decembrie 2017

Difficult Wi-Fi in Warehouses and Manufacturing Facilities

Wednesday, December 13, 2017 12:00PM – 1:00PM EST So you’ve deployed a few office Wi-Fi networks, but are you prepared for the unique challenges presented by manufacturing and warehouse environments? Warehouse and manufacturing environments are where radio frequency (RF) starts behaving differently, and many of the other laws you’re used to don’t apply anymore either. From AP and antenna placement and AP configs to ease of maintenance and troubleshooting, everything is different in a warehouse or manufacturing facility. Learn more from industry’s undisputed manufacturing / warehouse Wi-Fi experts, Elizabeth and Francois, on our next webinar. Topics covered include: The difference […]
24 noiembrie 2017

How to select various external antennas and their orientation in your designs

December 20, 2017 | 12:00 – 12:45 pm EDT | Live Webinar with Q&A How to select various external antennas and their orientation in your designs  Summary:    Antennas are responsible for providing bi-directional passive gain as well as for shaping the coverage provided by an access point.  Changing the type, gain or orientation of an antenna has a direct impact on your wireless network.        Agenda:  Introduction  The roles of an antenna Passive amplifier Coverage shaper Antenna types Orientation considerations Next steps,  Q&A  Bryan Harkins Training and Enablement Manager Bryan Harkins is the Training and Enablement Manager for Ekahau.  […]
24 noiembrie 2017

Small Lower Powered Devices that run your Business and how to design for them

  December 13, 2017 | 12:00 – 12:45 pm EDT | Live Webinar with Q&A Small Lower Powered Devices that run your Business and how to design for them             Summary:    Many of the devices users have come to rely on are hand held, low powered but critical devices for work.  These devices have a direct impact on WLAN design.         Agenda:  Introduction  What are the least capable but most critical devices on a network today? Phones Barcode scanners POS devices How should I design for the use of these on my WLAN? […]