Fibre Cleaver CT-101/CT-102

The CT-101/CT-102 is designed for cleaving silica fibres from 80 to 250 micron cladding specially for its angle cleaving capability.


The CT-101/CT-102 have been developed to offer adjustability and versatility for various fibres with claddings from 80 to 250um.  Also, applications associated with special structured fibres. The CT-101 is designed to work with Fujikura’s FH-100-series fibre holders and the CT-102 is designed to work with the Fujikura FH-60-series fibre holders.

The CT-101/CT-102 are equipped with a new Motorized diamond blade that touches the fibre after tension has been applied.  The tension may be adjusted to meet the precise requirements for a specific fibre type. Its diamond blade provides consistent cleaving quality and the cleave length can be modified from 3 to 40 mm.  The cleave angle is adjustable from 0 to 15 degrees. It runs on AC or battery power. A cleave counter is provided to indicate the number of cleaves that have been performed.

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