Fibre optic splicing and testing training course

Fibre optic splicing and testing training course

This training course is organized in partnership with Fujikura and AFL and is delivered by engineers trained by them.

This is a three-day course and delivers both theoretical aspects and practical activities. Therefore, the trainees have the opportunity to work with the measurement and splicing devices in scenarios as close as possible to the situations in the field…

Training room facilities:

  • Work benches with splicer, cleaver and the tools necessary for fibre optic splicing.
  • Cable reels, splicing boxes, patch panels and the necessary connectors.
  • SM OTDRs, PON and MM
  • Digital microscope for connectors
  • Power metres and light sources
  • OTDR simulation software and fibre optic network
  • Point-to-point network model with more than 60km optical fibre
  • Network model PON with WDM filters and up to 3 optical splitter levels

We target all data networks technicians and operators interested to improve their knowledge in this field. In order to attend the course you should have general knowledge about data transmission networks. 

At the end of the course you will receive a diploma to certify the skills acquired:

  • Splicing fibre optic cables
  • Using the microscope, the light source, the power metre and the OTDR for testing and fixing fibre optic networks.
  • Creating reports after measuring.

Training course:

Aspecte teoretice

  • Caracteristici ale fibrei optice
  • Conectori fibra optica
  • Jonctionarea fibrei optice
  • Utilizarea aparatului de taiere a fibrei optice
  • Utilizarea aparatului de sudura fibra optica

Activitati practice

  • Familiarizarea cu echipamentele de jonctionat
  • Pregatirea cablurilor in vederea realizarii sudurilor
  • Jonctionarea fibrelor in cutia de jonctiune
  • Jonctionarea fibrelor in patchpanel

Aspecte teoretice

  • Conectori fibra optica
  • Testarea si inspectia vizuala
  • Masurari cu sursa de lumina si wattmetrul
  • Masurari cu reflectometrul optic in domeniul timp (OTDR)

Activitati practice

  • Familiarizarea cu echipamentele de masura si inspectie
  • Inspectia vizuala a conectorilor optici
  • Testarea sudurilor realizate in ziua precedenta

Aspecte teoretice

  • Retele punct la punct
  • Retele PON

Activitati practice

  • Testarea retelelor punct la punct
  • Testarea retelelor PON
  • Realizarea de rapoarte pe baza masuratorilor realizate

Test grila

Noi sesiuni de curs disponibile. Inscrie-te acum completand formularul de mai jos!

  • perioada 22 - 24 August
  • perioada 5 - 7 Septembrie

  • perioada 26 - 28 Septembrie

  • perioada 10 - 12 Octombrie

  • perioada 24 - 26 Octombrie

  • perioada 7- 9 Noiembrie

  • perioada 21 - 23 Noiembrie

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