Blown fibre training course

Together with our partner, Emtelle, we periodically organize courses dedicated to blown fibre optic technique. This is a one-day course and delivers both theoretical aspects and practical activities. Therefore, the trainees have the opportunity to work with the blown fibre products and equipment on the below route.


The route consists of micro tube segments, 10/8mm, with a total length of 945m and with 60 bends. For exemplifying the blowing technique an Emtelle cable (5.7mm diameter) will be installed with a Fremco Miniflow blowing machine and a Kaeser M17 compressor. 

We target all data networks installer and operators interested in this technology. In order to attend the course you should have general knowledge about conventional methods of installing cables.

At the end of the course you will receive an Emtelle diploma to certify the skills acquired:

  • Installing and using blowing equipment
  • Identifying and preparing the route for blowing
  • Blowing fibre optic in underground ducts
  • Implementing and maintaining a network based on this technology

Training course

  • Functioning principles
  • Optical cables designed for blowing
  • Micro-tubes
  • Connectors
  • Equipment for installation
  • Factors influencing performance
  • Designing and implementing a network optimised for blowing fibre

Preparing the route

  • Understanding blowing equipment
  • Blowing fibre
  • Conclusions

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  • Perioada - 14 Iunie 2017
  • Perioada - 12 Iulie 2017
  • Perioada - 2 August 2017

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