Softing IT Networks

Psiber Data goes Softing IT Networks

Softing IT Networks formerly known as Psiber Data is a strategic business partner for infrastructure-metrology of IT connected networks.

Softing IT Networks certifies the performance of IP-based communication of LAN or WiFi Networks during each stage of development and lifecycle as planning, installation and identification of weak sports. This guarantees that network communication works. This is to record and certify IT networks performance and status through measurements and evaluations; identify weak spots and error sources. Based on high-end measurement technology know-how we develop and market end-user compatible, standardized infrastructure-metrology products. Sales activities include comprehensive technology support, market and product information, trainings, marketing and complementary services. Softing IT Networks strengthens channel-partners to enable them successfully support their clients.

The competences of Softing IT Networks are complemented by the know-how of its sister BUs Automotive and Industrial for evaluating the functionality of technical development in automobile industry respectively to integrate industrial environments.

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