Fujikura is one of the global leading manufacturers in communication and electronic field offering a wide range of products starting with optical fibre cables, optical components and connectors, to equipment for installation, measurement and testing including high fidelity fibre optical splicers. 

The Fujikura name has become synonymous with fibre optic fusion splicers. Fujikura splicers have reached the highest level of trust, durability and ease of use due to the design optimal for fibre optic installation. From the first splicers, Fujikura has become a manufacturer with international exposure, providing high quality splicers. These fusion splicers are able to align the two fibre cores within a tenth of a micron.

Fujikura has been present in Europe for over 30 years, and in 1988 established Fujikura Europe Ltd as a European base of operations in south west London.

Fujikura Europe has grown considerably in the last ten years. 65% of all fusion splicers now sold around the world are manufactured by Fujikura, establishing the company as the market leader.

Website: www.fujikura.co.uk     

For more details about the company visit Fujikura website or check the list of splicers. Please contact us and we will send you a complete offer for any products you are interested in.

We recommend purchasing Fujikura products only from authorized distributors. We guarantee the purchased products; we offer training, spare parts, and technical support. When buying from unauthorized distributors you take the risk of receiving fake malfunctioning products, with limited lifespan. Tele Grup will not be held responsible for the consequences of purchasing such products.

6 Decembrie 2016

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