Aaronia AG

Aaronia AG

Aaronia AG is a company with headquarters in Euscheid, Germany. Aaronia was set up in 2003 by Thorsten Chmielus and produces mainly spectrum analysers, based on a complete new method of frequency analysis. 

In 2004, one year after its set-up, Aaronia shipped its first spectrum analyser. 

In 2008, Aaronia announced the beginning of production for the latest generation of the SPECTRAN Spectrum Analyzer, the V4 series, the first RF analyzer which reaches a record analyzer-sensitivity of -170dBm DANL.

Currently, Aaronia’s purpose is to produce and sell a wide variety of radiofrequency measurement instruments, portable spectrum analysers, power metres, probes and antennas for testing the electromagnetic compatibility, as well as materials for electromagnetic shielding.

Website: www.aaronia.com

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