SET: Runpocam RC2 – 30m + GF3 – 30m

RUNPOCAM RC2 multifunction camera – 30 m with reel incl. monitor bracket. In W-Boxx system case – compatible with Sortimo. Extra large 3.5″ TFT LCD 16M colour display, protection class IP 67, rechargeable battery operation up to 6 hours. Evidence preservation/storage function: photo, video and audio. CAMERA HEAD with 6 integrated LEDs, enclosed in robust stainless steel head (Ø 13 mm) with RTG Ø 6 mm internal thread. Compatible with all RUNPOTEC products with RTG Ø 6 mm thread (GF3, RUNPOSTICKS, RUNPO 1, fibre glass rod Ø 4.5 – 6 – 7.5 – 9 – 11 – 15 mm).

Optimal field of application: For pipe inspections over long distances up to 50m. From 14 mm inner diameter (corresponds to empty pipe Ø 20mm), but also for larger pipe cross-sections (ventilation systems, drainage, sewage pipes,etc.:). In combination with the RUNPOSTICKS excellent for cavity wall inspections, suspended ceilings (above high ceiling profiles), manholes and underfloor ducts, maintenance and system inspections. 

GF3 – Cable pulling tool incl. digital meter counter, glass fibre rod Ø 3 mm with kink protection ending joint (internal thread RTG Ø 6 mm) and patented guiding head with twist adjustment (2 x external thread RTG Ø 6 mm). Stowed in a shock-proof plastic box. The box is splash-water and dust-proof, extremely shock-proof and therefore ideally suited for the construction site. The GF3 plastic box can be opened with only a single screw for service work. The glide-back protection prevents the fibreglass rod from accidentally slipping back into the box. Furthermore, the box has an ergonomic carrying handle and an anti-slip coating. The newly developed kink protection technology makes it possible to overcome bending radii of up to R = 38 mm. The specified total breaking load of 130 kg refers to the glass fibre rod incl. kink protection ending joints. The cable pulling loop (Ø 14 mm outside) with built-in twist adjustment and protective cap included can be used for one or more cables up to a cable diameter of Ø 12 mm. Quick attachment of the cables to the loop. Any plugs are protected by tensile load on the cable.

Optimal field of application: for pipe dimension 10 mm – 50 mm.

Scope of supply:

RUNPOCAM RC 2: 1 x RUNPOCAM RC2 with cable 10 m incl. reel, 1 x RUNPOTEC system case, 1 x RUNPOGLIDER with front thread, 1 x system slider, 1 x rechargeable battery powered high-performance 320 lumen LED-lamp, 1 x micro Memory Card 8 GB, 1 x magnet fishing set, 1 x connecting thread set RTG Ø 6 mm (3-parts), 1 x fishing hook, 1 x 2-fold USB charging plug 12 V, 1 x flexible attachment 12 cm, 1 x USB cable 3 m, 1 x 2-fold USB charging plug 230 V, 1 x thread attachment RC 2, 1 x USB charging cable for LED-rechargeable battery lamp

GF3: 1 x GF3 with metre counter in a plastic box, length 30 m, 1 x guiding head with twist adjustment, 1 x kink protection ending joint RTG Ø 6 mm, 1 x pull-in aid, 1 x special adhesive 3 g, 1 x cable pull loop (Ø 14 mm outside), 6 x adhesive sleeves Ø 3 mm, 3 x pull eyes Ø 7 mm, 1 x bulb Ø 11 mm, 1 x connecting sleeve, 2 x mounting-wrenches, 1 x button battery CR2032


  • Protection class IP67
  • Pipe inspection from Ø 14 mm (inside)
  • Ventilation pipes, drainage pipes, sewage pipes and much more
  • Also for cavity inspection and suspended ceilings
  • Memory function/documented evidence – Photo (JPG), Video HD (AVI) and Audio
  • Spool with camera cable can be easily unwound or rewound via the X BOARD series
  • GF3 Glass fibre rod incl. swivel and kink protection
  • Integrated digital meter counter

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