Implementation &Maintenance

Once the design phase is finished, the requirements resulted can be implemented. We cover the whole spectrum of works which can be done in Telecommunications: installing fibre optic aerial and underground, structured cabling, installing and configuring equipment, etc. For implementation phase we use the latest devices and qualified personnel.

Operations in implementation phases:

  • Executing routes, installing handholes and manholes;
  • Installing aerial and underground optical cables, blown fibre installation;
  • Optical cables junction;
  • VFL red light continuity checks, fibre identification and labelling;
  • Installing active equipment;
  • Structured cabling;
  • Installing Racks and equipment;
  • Measurements, generating Measurement Report, certifications;
  • Inspection for connectors and location;

In the case of maintenance, we promptly intervene for fixing the network malfunctions.

Maintenance activities:

  • Finding and fixing malfunctions;
  • Maintenance works and network development;
  • Specialized acceptance measurements;
  • Exactly detecting the malfunctions or other glitches;
  • Diagnosis of the fibre cut cause;
  • Fixing fast the network problems;

We use our own portfolio of equipment and devices, brands such as: Fremco, Fujikura, AFL, Mills, Grandway, Tribrer, etc. We promote the new technologies and we are always open to try new things.

We work with our clients’ products but, for high quality results, we recommend the products we sell, as they have been tested in different conditions and we guarantee their quality and reliability.

Implemented works gallery – blown fibre installation:

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