GRUP Profile

Tele Grup has a growing business portfolio firmly founded on solid values common to both the external and internal partners. Tele Grup is a result of the merger of Teleprecision-MTS, Value Telecom, and Broadband Competent Center. The purpose of its founding was to offer their clients turnkey solutions and integrated services for telecom infrastructure.

 On a competitive market which is permanently changing, we intend to offer a complete and diversified range of products and services that cater for our clients’ most demanding requests. We understand that each client is different and has different expectations and needs; therefore, we answer them with flexibility, quality and professionalism.

We provide equipment, accessories and consumables for optical fibres, copper and radio frequency networks manufactured by companies well-known all over the world such as Fujikura, AFL, Mills, Fremco, Softing IT Networks, Emtelle.

The products are divided into quality categories that we have tested. No matter the brand or the supplier that you are going to choose, we guarantee the safety of the products and their compatibility with your network or project, following our technical department consultancy.

Apart from products, we also offer high quality services which include:

  • Technical consultancy for choosing the right products
  • Installation and commissioning of equipment provided
  • Renting a complete fibre optic welding and measurement set
  • Training courses for users
  • Service and technical support

If you are an internet and cable TV provider, mobile or landlines network operator, network administrator or system integrator, our team will help you find the best solution for a successful project.

Our vision is to create a landmark on telecommunication market by offering complete, customized solutions which include unique products and services, perfectly compatible and meant to contribute at highest standards to our clients’ projects.

Our objective is to offer and guarantee our clients and our partners, top-quality products and solutions adaptable to their needs and problems. We endeavour to achieve this objective by offering specialized consultancy and technical support before and after the purchase, with trained staff at the specialized centres of the suppliers we represent.

Tele Grup is the reliable partner that offers the important advantage to buy everything in one place – products and integrated services perfectly compatible and adjusted to any budget. You can benefit from prompt services and the guarantee of fully functioning equipment.