FTTX Solution


From the very beginning, Fujikura was one of the main international supporters of FTTx/PON networks, actively involved in implementing such projects both in Asia and in Europe.   

Due to its experience, the company has developed the range of products FutureAccess. They cover most scenarios for implementing an FTTx network: aerial and underground cabling, in office buildings, blocks of flats or individual houses. These products can be modified, if required. For example, the number of inputs, physical dimensions, and the access door opening are common changes operated on a distribution box, in order to adjust to the requirements of the project. If this thing is not possible, Fujikura can design and manufacture a new product, starting from the client’s specifications.

Also, Fujikura offers consultancy and support for each phase of project implementation, from the design phase to network start-up. The client benefits from the wide experience of the company.

The current Fujikura products offer destined to FTTx/PON networks includes: 


Central office

  • FTTH integrated monitoring system for active equipment and optical sections, for integrated network management.
  • 1550nm optical transmitters with direct or external modulation, for transmission of T services.
  • 1550nm optical amplifiers with Erbium (EDFA) on.
  • GE-PON equipment compatible with IEEE802.3ah standard.
  • Passive optical splitters, with 2/4/8/16/32 outputs.
  • ODFs, terminal boxes, patch panels

External network

  • Consultancy for each phase of the project
  • Optical cables for exterior: underground, aerial, drop
  • Aerial, underground, drop closures


  • ONU and GE-PON equipment
  • Breakout cables
  • Low friction cables
  • Fast connectors
  • Distribution boxes
  • Mechanic welding
  • Terminal boxes

For more details related to the equipment needed for our solutions, please refer to the PDF catalogues (in English only): Future Access Catalog – 2015 and FTTH Magazine.