Equipment rental

We know how important is for our clients to have the works finished on time. Therefore, if your equipment is damaged while using it, you can hire the available equipment listed below:

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Hiring conditions:

  • The lessee is obliged to maintain the normal functioning of the hired equipment and should not return it in a state inferior to how it was received, according to the technical characteristics.
  • In the case of loss, theft, degradation or damage, the lessee is obliged to pay the whole value of the equipment which will be transferred to their ownership.
  • The rental payment will be done when the equipment is given back. The guarantee of the equipment is a promissory note having the value of the equipment.

The price offers are customized according to the rental period and the number of equipment pieces hired.

Equipment hired:

  • Fibre optic welding devices: 70S, 62S, 22S
  • Fibre optic cutting devices: CT-30A and CT-06A
  • Fibre optic measurement devices: FLX380-304 and FlexScan FS200-100
  • Fibre optic identifier with optical power metre
  • Blowing devices for fibre optic cables: MiniFlow Rapid and Powerflow
  • Compressor: Mobilair Kaesser M17 Compressor with air drier
  • Digital microscope for optical connectors DFS1 and test adaptors
  • Infrared light sources
  • Optical power metres
  • Visible light sources (VFL)
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