Competitive advantages

Whenever our clients need it, we are always there for them. Tele Grup means the safety of a reliable partner! The constant support we provide for our clients recommends us as one of the most reliable and dynamic partners in this field. Professionalism, flexibility, performance are the values respected and developed by our company.

Why Tele Grup? Because…

  • we have a team with more than 10 years of experience in this domain
  • we are active, flexible, open and customer-oriented
  • we offer technical consultancy for choosing the best solution
  • we represent internationally renowned brands
  • we have a varied and exhaustive portfolio of products, adjustable to any budget
  • we provide a complete set of integrated services, from consultancy to implementation
  • we guarantee the best price/quality ratio
  • you will benefit from our team’s knowledge in assistance and post sale support
  • you will benefit from a free training kit for properly using the equipment you buy
  • we have a technical department at international standards, audited by our top providers
  • you benefit from free show-how of the products and services we provide.

Tele Grup guarantees the best solution for your project!

We have a varied range of products and services, for smaller or bigger budgets, and we can offer premium, medium and low-cost solutions. Due to our expertise and experience we know exactly what to offer to our clients.

Our company’s services also include training our clients’ technical personnel. Together with our suppliers we periodically organize training sessions for improving the skills and abilities of the staff that use the equipment.

 We permanently invest in people and technologies to make sure that our technical department is able to solve promptly any problem that may appear at the serviced equipment or any challenge our clients might encounter in the field.

We offer you the Guarantee of the products’ Full Compatibility and Functionality.    

Equipment and solutions we offer:

  • Are compatible and we guarantee they will work effectively.
  • Comply with the specifications in the technical manual
  • Will always meet your expectations
  • Benefit from technical support and repairs when need it.
  • Users will benefit from free training for properly operating the equipment

Technically, we offer you the guarantee they you will successfully finish your project.

You will always benefit from our team’s assistance and support for maximum efficiency in closing the project.

When you work with Tele Grup you are sure that you will receive the best integrated solution or the best products that you really need! Moreover, our employees are friendly, always willing to help you and ready to answer any technical question.

Tell us about your project and let us guide you in finding the best solution!