As a world leader in fiber optic cabling, connectivity, testing and splicing, AFL has the expertise to provide complete end-to-end solutions for MDU FTTx applications. Each facet of the AFL MDU Solution is designed to speed deployment time and reduce cost with cutting edge technology. With vertically-integrated operations, AFL and its qualified, capable engineers and technicians can supply every piece of the puzzle, deliver control over quality, reliability and performance.

Smaller MDUs or “garden-style” MDU complexes can be serviced by FTTx deployments by either splitting in the unit(s) or servicing the unit(s) from an outdoor splitter cabinet. For outdoor splitting, the IDEAA® EDC provides distribution for up to 864 fibers through the use of the IDEAA splitter module. The input and output stubs of the EDC can then be spliced to a LightGuard® (LG) splice closure with the distribution cable servicing into the MDU. The OSP distribution cable can then be transition spliced into an Poli-MOD® Patch and Splice Module inside an MDU Entrance Enclosure (MEE). Individual indoor MDU drop cables are then run from the MEE to each Individual Living Unit (ILU).

Smaller MDU units may utilize splitters inside the MDU, homerunning drop cables from the splitter cabinet to the ILUs where multiple telco closets do not exist. In these cases, the AFL Mini IDC provides a compact housing for one to two splitters and integrated strain relief for up to 64 indoor drop cables. Entrance feeder cables can be spliced to the inputs of the Mini IDC with its integrated splicing capability.

AFL has cost-effective connectivity solutions for medium-to-large MDUs spanning multiple floors with telco closets every one-to-two floors. The IDEAA® Interior Distribution Cabinet (IDC) provides centralized splitting and distribution for up to 432 fibers with a convenient MPO-enabled distribution field for pre-terminated riser cables. Connectivity for each floor is provided by the AFL Fiber Distribution Terminal (FDT) which serves as a cross connect point between the riser distribution cabling and indoor drop cables. MPO terminated MicroCore® cables are pulled down from the integrated storage reel of each FDT into the MPO-enabled IDC. Alternatively, unterminated cable tails can be pulled through congested pathways or blown through microducts using AFL’s eABF® cable system into the AFL IDC for splicing or MPO termination with the MPO FUSEConnect®.